My philosophy


I believe amazing photos are all about relationships and how people feel around you. I make it my job to encourage the people I’m photographing so they feel confident and look amazing. With each session, I strive to give people beautiful, personalized art they can enjoy forever.


My style

To achieve a natural, real-life look where people also look beautiful, I do what I call directing.

By taking photos this way, I can capture sweet moments as they naturally unfold, and make sure everyone looks amazing. Plus, it allows me to coach you through poses, so you never feel unsure about what to do.

For example, during a couple’s session, I’ll get you both into a pose for a specific photo and take my shot. Then I might notice the way the groom-to-be looked at his future bride, so I’ll say “Ooo look at her again like you did a second ago.” Then I’ll frame the shot how I want.

As you might imagine, this means I’ll be talking a lot. Walking you through each step. And you can bet I’ll be shouting about how absolutely beautiful/stunning/handsome you look.