When I write about people finishing their PhD, I find it difficult to string together the right words to convey such a tremendous accomplishment.

Hours of work, research, late nights, thousands of cups of coffee and pages read, all culminating in a paper embossed with “Doctor of Philosophy.” Can we all pause and recognize the years it takes to earn that diploma?

I don’t have the right words. But I’m in awe at the grit and tenacity of PhD graduates.

Sherry is no exception. She worked hard, hustled, put in years of work, and now she has her PhD. Way to go Dr. Craft!

A few years ago, when I first met Sherry I was blown away by her beauty (she has serious hair goals you guys!), her intelligence, and kindness. One of my favorite Sherry memories is when I helped her throw a surprise bridal shower for our friend, Sam. Sherry had every detail perfectly planned and organized. We had so much fun surprising Sam, and then of course, enjoyed plenty of champagne.

We celebrated Sherry’s hard-earned PhD by taking graduation photos on the Washington State University Pullman campus. Sherry’s mom came along too! I think it is so cool to get your graduation photos with someone who has supported you during your degree. We all need support people!

Of course, campus was freezing, so we just leaned into the chilly vibes and brought along warm Starbucks drinks.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoy taking them!