Yadi and Rogi's modern, Mexican wedding

Yadi and Rogi are made for each other.

Yadi is sassy, sweet, and super smart. Don’t just let your eyes brush past those qualities and move on. When I say sassy, I’m talking absolute queen, girl knows what she wants and she is a go-getter. When I say sweet, I mean generous, kind, goes-out-of-her-way-for-you sweet. When I say smart, we’re talking PhD. P-H freaking D, y ’all!

And Rogi? He’s steady. Like, rock-solid. He’s calm, cool, and looks at Yadi with the most adoring eyes. And he’s smart too. To Yadi’s irritation he has a knack for trigonometric identities.

Yadi and Rogi have loved each other for a long time. This wedding was a long time coming, and you can feel the joy and emotion of the day in their pictures. Especially the one where Yadi tearfully and joyfully walks down the aisle to her husband.

Before I sign off, I want to point out some of the incredible details of their modern, Mexican wedding.

First, tacos. We’re talking tortillas made in front of your eyes, tacos. (If I could add emojis, there would be a drooling face right here.)

Second, their traditional Catholic ceremony at Saint Joseph’s cathedral. Their ceremony was mostly in Spanish, and as someone who loves foreign languages, this was particularly fun for me. Also, the Mariachi sang and played music throughout the ceremony — how cool is that!

Third, all the tiny details. Yadi’s robe which said “La Novia” on the back, Spanish for bride. The table of Mexican candy that kids devoured. And the Mariachi playing throughout dinner.

It was all in all, perfection.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.