Lake cabin hang and family pictures

Recently, John’s cousin, Amy, invited us to the Burns’ family lake cabin so we could enjoy some family time and take pictures. Since pictures and family time are ALL of my favorite things we were happy to accept!

We also thought this trip would be fun for our six-month-old son, who, we boasted, “rarely cries.” Well, our “rarely crying” baby decided to cry the whole day. And I mean the WHOLE DAY! Maybe it was the heat, missed naps, being off “schedule” or hating when I put him in the lake to splash around – he was miserable the whole stinking day. I think this is what we call a parenting fail. 

In spite of the tears, we were determined to have a good time. John and I enjoyed taking dips in the lake and handing our fussy babe off to loving family members.

After plenty of swimming, playing, and eating we capped the day off with family pictures!

You know, now that I have my own kiddo I just LOVE family pictures. I feel like you can just never have enough pictures of you and your family.

I cherish pictures of Jason and I. It’s like a special little window that I can look into and see our cozy, love-filled little world – just he and I.

Family pictures are deeply special. And often serve as a reminder of the good things that family can bring, like love, security, and comfort. I think there’s so much more to family pictures than a record of “what we looked like then.” While it’s nice to remember what everyone looked like, it’s even better to look through that little window and see love.

Well, dear reader, I hope you enjoy these loving family pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!

PS: I'm always happy to be invited to family BBQ's, eat your food, and take pictures :-)