Bob and Rebecca's Palouse wedding

Rebecca's aunt describes her as a "friend magnet." Spend two seconds with this gem of a person and you'll see why. She's sweet, smart and the perfect match for her friend, and now husband, Bob.

Surrounded by loving family and friends, Rebecca and Bob held an understated, but elegant wedding. Instead of the normal wedding décor and frills, Bob and Rebecca brought games and bubbles for kiddos. They took time to hug and chat with each any every attendee. It was easy to see that more than anything, they deeply value their friends and family.

Speaking of family, one of the special guests of the evening was Rebecca's grandfather who had just turned 102. Yes, you read that right, 102. It was so sweet to see him watch Bob and Rebecca get married, he looked so proud and happy to be there.

While Bob and Rebecca passed on some typical wedding traditions, they were keen to incorporate Jewish wedding traditions like the bride circling the groom after walking down the aisle, breaking of the glass, and Israeli dancing. 

One of the best parts of their wedding day was a glorious rainbow beaming over the Palouse. With the jazz band playing in the background, Bob, Rebecca and I wandered off through the drizzling rain toward the rainbow for more pictures. 

They were so easy to photograph. Every time I cued them into a pose, they would look at each other with deep love and adoration. And really that's what weddings are all about. Love. 

I hope that as you look at these pictures, you get a sense of Bob and Rebecca's love for each other and their community.