Exuviate Salon: Beauty & Champagne event

Before I dive into how amazing Exuviate Salon’s beauty and champagne event was, I want to share a little personal story.

I’ve had acne basically my entire life. I’ve tried an entire spectrum of products (drugstore, premiere, and prescribed), and elimination diets to help identify acne triggers.

I’ve researched solutions, spent hours sifting through research journals and reading books. I’ve spent more money than is reasonable, and cried tears upon tears over my spotted complexion. Persistent acne is the pits (just like the pitted scars on my cheeks!)

The only thing that has ever helped me is seeing an aesthetician.

When I first met Meg at Exuviate Salon, she listened carefully to all my grievances about my skin. Then she helped me come up with a game plan.

My skin has never looked better since seeing Meg.

And the best part is, I don’t have a super complicated skincare routine or system. It’s quite simple and quite affordable. (Thank the lord!)

The beauty and champagne event was all about empowering women and supporting local businesses. Basically, you got to show up, get a free mini microdermabrasion, eat delicious food, get a skin consult, and drink champagne! Oh my gosh, can we do this again? So. Much. Fun.

And what’s better than beauty AND champagne? Nothing.

Added bonus for me, I got a break from parenting (queue: all the dancing)

The delicious food was catered by Bloom in Moscow ( I could eat their bread and honey combo all day), the artisan soaps and bath salts were brought in by Krista from Harvest Hill Farms, and Rhonda Comstock from ClearView Eye Clinic did Botox and Juvaderm.

Here’s a recap of photos from the event. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.  


Catering: Bloom

Artisan Soaps and Natural Goods: Harvest Hill Farms

Exuviate Salon

ClearView Eye Clinic