I remember when I was working for the Graduate School at WSU, Kelly came and asked me about applying to the master's in sport management program. She was an orientation counselor back then, and was just about to graduate with her undergraduate degree. 

I of course was old and married at that point, but also wanted to go to graduate school. 

To my delight Kelly and I were in the same program and cohort. During grad school, Kelly and I worked on many projects together. It got to the point that whenever a new assignment was presented we would immediately look across the room and tacitly agree to be partners. Whenever you can have a go-to group partner in grad school, someone you can rely on and trust to do their part, your life is a lot easier. Kelly was that for me. 

We were able to shoot her grad photos the day before she was leaving to start her new life in Texas. And bonus! Her parents got to come along and get in some pictures as well.

Between hair flipping, proud parents, and perfect lighting, this shoot was a photographer's dream.