Winter hike

The long winter here in Pullman has prevented us from getting outdoors, and for weeks John has been longing to go hiking. It seems as though every other day he’s telling be about a new adventure he wants to do this summer. Needless to say, our list of summer backpacking and mountaineering trips is getting long. But I’m okay with that.

In spite of the snow, we decided it was time to get outside! So last weekend we went to Moscow Mountain for a quick hike.

Unfortunately we didn’t have snowshoes so we were unable to summit, but we still had a nice time trudging uphill through the white, powdery snow. Getting snowshoes should be high priority since we’re planting roots in Pullman – where the snow comes every year.

Our short day hike not only served as a chance satisfy our adventure bug, but was also an opportunity to take some outdoor photos. The first image is my most favorite photo I've ever taken my handsome, brooding husband. He looks so rugged!