Baby Claire

Esther is one of my sweetest, and oldest friends. In college, she and I lived with two other roommates in a house dubbed “The South Street House.” Together, we were quite the bunch! Picture giggling, studying, drinking tea on the kitchen floor, watching corny chick-flicks, eating peanut butter, and chatting. Sometimes, all at the same time!

I think my life would be different if it wasn’t for that vivacious bunch of ladies. Each one is so special to me. Each supportive and kind. Each vibrant and lovely in their own unique way.

Esther is thoughtful, contemplative, generous, and sweet. But don’t let her serene nature fool you, once you spend time with her you’ll realize she’s smart as a whip and tough as nails! She was my rock climbing buddy, and math tutor (without her I would have failed math class).

Now she’s married to Peter, a fellow math wiz and equally kind person. I had the opportunity to take maternity photos for Esther and Peter quite a while back when they were expecting their little girl, Claire. Claire is now a vibrant one year-old with bright blue eyes and a killer smile.