Throwing back to a shoot I did last summer with Taylor. We wanted to capture his delicious pink unicorn hair in all its pastel glory. And I think we accomplished just that!

Taylor is a total sunshine person. He is bright and bubbly all the time! He did an amazing job stepping out of character and into a moodier, grunge vibe for this shoot. He also gets mad props for being super patient while I edited these pictures (standing ovation). 

I hope you enjoy this post and all of its pastel and golden glory. (Taylor and I both share a deep affection for everything gold!)


Hold up. Slow your scroll and take in this lovely lady's graduation photo shoot. 

Ana Flora came all the way from West Africa to do her bachelors in international economics at Washington State University. She started off only knowing Spanish and had to quickly learn English (in university classes!) As someone who has learned languages in the past, French and Chinese, I cannot imagine just how challenging that would have been. Not only is she incredibly intelligent and absolutely gorgeous, but she's also one of the sweetest people you'll meet. 

In addition to her graduation photos, I also did a shoot with her and her family after commencement. They came all the way from West Africa to celebrate their daughter's accomplishments. And they were the coolest bunch of people to hang out with. Is it possible to have too much fun during a photo shoot? If so, we sure did!

Ana, I wish you ALL the best in your future career. I know you'll do great things!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. 


Brandon has a kindness and charisma that makes you want to be friends. Maybe it's because he's Canadian, or maybe it's because he's downright awesome, I'm not sure, but either way I'm glad we're friends. 

Since Brandon coached rowing for his graduate assistantship at Washington State University, we decided to take his graduation photos on the Snake River where the team practices and holds regattas. 

I've only been to one regatta, and it's only because I know Brandon that I went. It's so neat to meet new people and experience things they're passionate about.

I LOVED doing Brandon's photos. He's got a rugged, outdoorsy vibe that meshes perfectly with the Snake River landscape. It was like doing a styled-shoot, minus the actual styling. 

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! 

(PS: Stay tuned for a follow up post featuring photos of Brandon and his lovely girlfriend Lauren!)


Kate. This girl boss isn't afraid of bears or or hard work. Hailing from bear country in Montana, this beauty is double majoring in psychology and science communication. She loves science and hopes to get others excited about it too!

It's inspiring to talk to new graduates like Kate. You get to see that twinkle in their eyes when they're talking about their accomplishments and plans for the future. It's refreshing to talk to people who are deeply passionate about what they do. 

Thanks Kate for sharing some of your hopes and dreams with me. I know you're going to do great things!


It's always an honor to shoot someone's graduation photos, but it's even more special when that person is also a photographer! It's like trusting someone else to do a job you've already mastered. 

Fun fact: The photos of me on my website were taken by Camren!

When Camren reached out to me about graduation photos I was over the moon! Not only is he just the sweetest, he's also one of the hardest working people I know. This kid is going to go far. And as you'll see, he's taking his pup along with him!

For this shoot we wanted to hit all the trademark spots on the WSU Pullman campus. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

Victoria, Justin and Florence

To commemorate Victoria and Justin's time in Pullman we did a little family shoot on the Snake River. Of course, their Great Dane, Florence, came along for the ride. 

I know Victoria from working at my current job, and she is literally one of my most favorite people on planet earth. She's smart, she's funny, and she's the only person I know who is as interested in the human microbiome, exercise, and dog videos as I am. If given the time, she and I could talk for hours about these topics.

This was such a fun couples shoot and Florence was the most well-behaved dog I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. Here's to Justin and Victoria!

PS: I cannot wait for summer fun on the river! Pullman winter has been cruel and cold -- bring on the sunshine!


Bender family

The Benders gifted us with tons of baby clothes and items for our little man! And they're a super stylish family so everything we got is on point. As a trade, I offered to do their family photos!

 The Moscow arboretum was the perfect place to capture the essence of fall. The leaves were glorious hues of yellows, oranges, reds, and greens.

This has been one of my most favorite family shoots to date. Everything came together so nicely, and I couldn't be happier with how their photos turned out. 

Pugh wedding

This summer, my sis-in-law had a lovely outdoor wedding at her parent's home in Seabeck. It was intimate, quaint, and just perfect. Laura was beaming all day and you could witness the joy she and her new husband shared in their new marriage. Here's to Mr. and Mrs. Pugh! 

Goodbye WA

Some sweet friends of ours had to say goodbye to the great state of Washington. There's no better way to commemorate such a beautiful place, and lovely people, than with a photo shoot!

One of the most special parts of this session was capturing some photos right outside Molly and Brandon's Pullman apartment.

Best wishes to you, Molly and Brandon, as you embark on your next adventure!

Yadi and Rogi engagement session

Have you ever attended a wedding and thought, “wow this theme/décor/venue is just so that couple?” I love it when a couple plans a wedding that perfectly highlights their unique personalities. And that’s exactly what Yadi and Rogi are doing.

Come 2018 these two are tying the knot in full modern Mexican style. They’re fusing Mexican wedding tradition with a modern flare – complete with authentic churros and tacos! #foodies

Yadi totally nailed it in the engagement photos outfit department. Note to all brides-to-be: off the shoulder tops are the perfect balance of sexy and sweet for engagement photos!

As always, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Lauren Part II

As diploma's are getting sent out, I figure it's perfect time to commemorate graduation with one of my favorite shoots!

For Lauren's grad photo session we started at the greenhouses on campus which provided an excellent white backdrop. Then we made our way to the middle of campus for some glowing, sunlight photos on the mall. And for the finale we shot at the entrance sign of the WSU campus.

You can also check out Part I of Lauren's graduation photos where we captured some portraits among blossoming trees and evening light. 


I remember when I was working for the Graduate School at WSU, Kelly came and asked me about applying to the master's in sport management program. She was an orientation counselor back then, and was just about to graduate with her undergraduate degree. 

I of course was old and married at that point, but also wanted to go to graduate school. 

To my delight Kelly and I were in the same program and cohort. During grad school, Kelly and I worked on many projects together. It got to the point that whenever a new assignment was presented we would immediately look across the room and tacitly agree to be partners. Whenever you can have a go-to group partner in grad school, someone you can rely on and trust to do their part, your life is a lot easier. Kelly was that for me. 

We were able to shoot her grad photos the day before she was leaving to start her new life in Texas. And bonus! Her parents got to come along and get in some pictures as well.

Between hair flipping, proud parents, and perfect lighting, this shoot was a photographer's dream.   

Lauren Part I

As scattered light peered through fresh spring leaves and tree blossoms crowded my lens, we created photos which can only be described as other-worldly.

Sometimes a shoot just gets away from me. That’s what happened with Lauren.

By pulling blossoms in front of my lens I was able to create a soft, ethereal look. And no, I didn’t plan this. It was a 100 % spontaneous move. And I am so glad I went for it.

Since this shoot was originally intended to be graduation shoot I’ve broken it into two parts, so keep a look out for part II! For now, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Korin. If Webster were to make her name a formal word in the English language its meaning would be, “gorgeous women who spontaneously starts dancing, loves adventures, and is wicked smart”.

For this photoshoot we went gallivanting all across the Washington State University campus. And yes, we were poppin’ champs along the way. We may or may not have lost a cork in some bushes. But shhh... This can be our little secret.

As if champagne wasn’t enough we were also blessed with some seriously golden sunlight. All I can say is booze plus gold sunshine and a beautiful, smart blonde are the perfect ingredients for a superb night of shooting.

Korin, best wishes to you! And congratulations on all your achievements – you earned it!

Pullman CrossFit

For my final master's project I was tasked with creating a marketing plan for Pullman CrossFit. If you’re looking for a gym where people are friendly and work hard, then Pullman CrossFit is the way to go. They’ll plan your workout for you and help you safely execute the workout of the day. Their coaches are knowledgeable and welcoming ­– I highly recommend them.  

For part of my project I was able to take some editorial style photos of the gym and its members. I’ve never done a photo project like this before and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Winter hike

The long winter here in Pullman has prevented us from getting outdoors, and for weeks John has been longing to go hiking. It seems as though every other day he’s telling be about a new adventure he wants to do this summer. Needless to say, our list of summer backpacking and mountaineering trips is getting long. But I’m okay with that.

In spite of the snow, we decided it was time to get outside! So last weekend we went to Moscow Mountain for a quick hike.

Unfortunately we didn’t have snowshoes so we were unable to summit, but we still had a nice time trudging uphill through the white, powdery snow. Getting snowshoes should be high priority since we’re planting roots in Pullman – where the snow comes every year.

Our short day hike not only served as a chance satisfy our adventure bug, but was also an opportunity to take some outdoor photos. The first image is my most favorite photo I've ever taken my handsome, brooding husband. He looks so rugged!

Ohhh baby!

Newborn photos used to intimidate me to no end. I’ve never wanted to do a staged newborn shoot, you know, like the ones where babies are in baskets and wearing weird hats. I feel these look unnatural and it’s just not my jam.

I prefer a documentary style. So when Maile asked me to do Cyrus’ newborn photos, and that she wanted a more photojournalistic style – I was stoked out of my mind. Like literally shaking with excitement.

It’s a delight to document both Maile’s pregnancy and the first week of her little boy’s life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this journey. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Gold school: Yoga’s in session

My sister Dez is getting busy with work that seriously gives back. Yeah, no big deal. She’s just teaching yoga to incarcerated youth, changing lives, and is now the executive director of Uprising Yoga.

I’ve never done a shoot that’s quite this dreamy and moody. And hot damn, I love it! I’m definitely one for a little drama, and this little golden-honey shoot brings it.

Thanks for enriching our world and bringing your brand of yoga-awesome, Dez.


These kiddos are possibly some of my most favorite of all freaking time. After all, Baby Ana is the only reason why I get to be called "Big Ana". A title I covet!

Every time I do a family photo session I love capturing a few photos of loving parents. Yes the babies are front and center of the photo shoot, but capturing some nice shots of just the parents is equally important.

Parents lives are always so busy. Between work, raising tiny humans, and whatever else is going on it's hard to have time with each other. I always feel like special photos of just the parents are a great reminder of how special the marriage relationship is.


My sweet friend Maile is the creator of Bubs, a company dedicated to making fashion-forward teething jewelry for the modern momma.

Um, did anyone say girl boss?

Not only does this lady run her own business, she’s got her hands full with her sweet baby Ruby. Also, Maile and her husband Ken are expecting a baby boy! #MomPromotion

If you have a teething baby, or know someone who does, I highly recommend you check out Bubs! The holidays are around the corner, and what a perfect, stylish gift for a momma! Perhaps you can get a friend the Elsie, or Natalie teething necklaces (my two faves!).

I love photographing friends, especially when they are entrepreneurial women with a mind for business! We did this shoot at Sunnyside Park. You’ll notice that Ruby is wearing a special shirt to announce the arrival of her brother.